Phase II evaluation of menogaril in patients with advanced hypernephroma


Fifteen patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma were treated with Menogaril, 200 mg/m2 by one-hour, intravenous infusion at four-week intervals. No objective regressions were observed. Median time to progression was two months, and median survival was seven months. All patients experienced neutropenia. Platelet toxicity was negligible. Venous irritation and phlebitis at the infusion site was seen in 47% of patients. Menogaril as administered in this protocol is ineffective in advanced renal cell carcinoma.

DOI: 10.1007/BF00176980

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@article{Long1991PhaseIE, title={Phase II evaluation of menogaril in patients with advanced hypernephroma}, author={Harry J. Long and Mark D. Hauge and Terry M. Therneau and Jan C. Buckner and Stephen Frytak and Richard G. Hahn}, journal={Investigational New Drugs}, year={1991}, volume={9}, pages={261-262} }