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Phase I trial and clinical pharmacology of elsamitrucin.

  title={Phase I trial and clinical pharmacology of elsamitrucin.},
  author={Martin N. Raber and Robert A Newman and B. M. Newman and Robert C. Gaver and Lee P. Schacter},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={52 6},
Elsamitrucin (BMY-28090) is an antitumor antibiotic first described in 1985 that has significant oncolytic activity against a number of murine tumors including P388, L1210, B16 and M5076, as well as against MX1 and HCT116 xenografts. Preclinical toxicology studies of elsamitrucin revealed edema of multiple organs associated with hypoproteinemia and, at lethal doses, severe multiorgan toxicity. We conducted a phase I clinical trial (31 patients) of elsamitrucin administered as a 10-min i.v… 

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An open-label, dose-escalating phase I study of elsamitrucin (SPI 28090) in treatment of malignant solid tumors in dogs.
The MTD and recommended dose for Phase II trials of elsamitrucin is 0.08 mg/kg i.v. weekly, and this drug might be considered for combination protocols with myelosuppressive chemotherapy agents.
Phase II study of elsamitrucin (BMY-28090) for the treatment of patients with refractory/relapsed non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
The activity of elsamitrucin in this group of patients and its lack of myelosuppression suggest utility in this disease especially when combined with other proven agents.
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Toxicity mainly consisted of mild nausea/vomiting, and less frequently reversible hepatotoxicity and malaise and Elsamitrucin at this dose and schedule is not an active drug in metastatic breast cancer, colorectal cancer, non-small cell lung cancer or ovarian cancer.
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Molecular mechanics and dynamics were used to examine the conformational flexibility of elsamicin A, an antitumour antibiotic, in aqueous solution and obtained the first three-dimensional model of the el samicin-A-DNA complex.
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Elsamicins, new antitumor antibiotics related to chartreusin. I. Production, isolation, characterization and antitumor activity.
New antitumor antibiotics, elsamicin A and B, were isolated from the culture broth of an unidentified actinomycete strain J907-21 (ATCC 39417) and were found to be 10-30 times more potent than that of chartreusin in terms of minimum effective dose.
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