Phase I study of mitonafide in solid tumors

  title={Phase I study of mitonafide in solid tumors},
  author={Manuel Llombart and Andr{\'e}s M Poveda and Ernesto Forner and Carlos Fern{\'a}ndez-Martos and Crist{\'o}bal Gaspar and Miguel Bethencourt Mu{\~n}oz and Teresa Olmos and Amparo Ruiz and Virtudes Soriano and A. Lupi Benavides and Miguel Mart{\'i}n and Erich Schlick and V Guillem},
  journal={Investigational New Drugs},
Mitonafide was the first synthetized compound of a new series of 3-nitronaphthalimides with intercalative properties. A phase I study with a conventional escalation scheme was developed. The schedule of drug administration was a daily ×5 days by short (1h) intravenous (i.v.) infusion, every 21 days. Thirty evaluable patients were treated at doses from 15.4 mg/m2/d×5 days to 138.6 mg/m2/d×5 days. The study was interrupted due to appearance of central nervous system toxicity in 5 patients treated… CONTINUE READING