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Phase-I study of alpha-1,3,5-triglycidyl-s-triazinetrione (NSC 296934).

  title={Phase-I study of alpha-1,3,5-triglycidyl-s-triazinetrione (NSC 296934).},
  author={Per Dombernowsky and Bjarne Lund and Heine H{\o}i Hansen},
  journal={Cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology},
  volume={11 1},
alpha-1,3,5-Triglycidyl-s-triazinetrione (TGT) is a triepoxide derivative with alkylating properties discovered by random screening. TGT has been found to be active against a wide variety of murine tumors, including a P388 subline resistant to cyclophosphamide. The starting dose in this phase-I study was 30 mg/m2 as a single dose IV, repeated every 3-4 weeks, increasing up to 2,700 mg/m2. Severe dose-limiting toxicity took the form of phlebitis becoming apparent a few days after treatment. This… 
Teroxirone inhibited growth of human non-small cell lung cancer cells by activating p53.
Reactive oxygen species-driven mitochondrial injury induces apoptosis by teroxirone in human non-small cell lung cancer cells
Evidence is provided that teroxirone treatment induced the ROS-activated intrinsic apoptotic pathway, which led to cell death in human NSCLC cells.