Phase 2 study of ceftaroline versus standard therapy in treatment of complicated skin and skin structure infections.


Ceftaroline, the bioactive metabolite of ceftaroline fosamil (previously PPI-0903, TAK-599), is a broad-spectrum cephalosporin with potent in vitro activity against multidrug-resistant gram-positive aerobic pathogens, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. A randomized, observer-blinded study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of ceftaroline versus standard therapy in treating complicated skin and skin structure infections (cSSSI) was performed. Adults with cSSSI, including at least one systemic marker of inflammation, were randomized (2:1) to receive intravenous (i.v.) ceftaroline (600 mg every 12 h) or i.v. vancomycin (1 g every 12 h) with or without adjunctive i.v. aztreonam (1 g every 8 h) for 7 to 14 days. The primary outcome measure was the clinical cure rate at a test-of-cure (TOC) visit 8 to 14 days after treatment. Secondary outcomes included the microbiological success rate (eradication or presumed eradication) at TOC and the clinical relapse rate 21 to 28 days following treatment. Of 100 subjects enrolled, 88 were clinically evaluable; the clinical cure rate was 96.7% (59/61) for ceftaroline versus 88.9% (24/27) for standard therapy. Among the microbiologically evaluable subjects (i.e., clinically evaluable and having had at least one susceptible pathogen isolated at baseline), the microbiological success rate was 95.2% (40/42) for ceftaroline versus 85.7% (18/21) for standard therapy. Relapse occurred in one subject in each group (ceftaroline, 1.8%; standard therapy, 4.3%). Ceftaroline exhibited a very favorable safety and tolerability profile, consistent with that of marketed cephalosporins. Most adverse events from ceftaroline were mild and not related to treatment. Ceftaroline holds promise as a new therapy for treatment of cSSSI and other serious polymicrobial infections.

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