Pharmakokinetik von Cefixim bei Probanden und ein Literaturvergleich mit neuen Ester Prodrug Cephalosporinen

  title={Pharmakokinetik von Cefixim bei Probanden und ein Literaturvergleich mit neuen Ester Prodrug Cephalosporinen},
  author={F. Kees and K. Naber},
ZusammenfassungIn einer vergleichenden Untersuchung an gesunden Probanden wurden die pharmakokinetischen Parameter von Cefixim nach oraler Applikation von 200 mg als Trockensuspension, Fertigsaft und Tablette bestimmt. Alle drei galenischen Formulierungen zeigten eine zuverlässige Resorption. Die maximalen mittleren Plasmakonzentrationen betrugen 2,4–3,4 mg/l und wurden nach 3,3 bis 3,5 h erreicht. Die mittleren Plasmahalbwertszeiten waren 2,9 bis 3,1 h, die Fläche unter der… Expand
Pharmacokinetics of loracarbef and interaction with acetylcysteine
Loracarbef was well absorbed with a mean peak level of 19.21±3.94 mg/l in the fasting state; it was primarily excreted in active form via the kidneys (urine recovery/24 h: 86–92 %). Expand


Comparative human oral clinical pharmacology of cefadroxil, cephalexin, and cephradine
SummaryAt equivalent oral doses, cefadroxil has a longer serum half-life, slower urinary excretion rate, greater area under the serum level versus time curve than cephalexin or cephadrine, and peakExpand
Vergleichende Pharmakokinetik oraler Cephalosporine: Cephalexin, Cefaclor und Cefadroxil
ZusammenfassungIn einer randomisierten Überkreuzstudie wurden die pharmakokinetischen Parameter zweier neuer Cephalosporin-Antibiotika, Cefaclor (CCL) und Cefadroxil (CDX), im Vergleich zu CephalexinExpand
The pharmacokinetics of cefixime in the fasted and fed state
There was a small but significantly longer time to peak concentration when the drug was given with food, and the terminal elimination half-life of the drug given after a meal was slightly longer than that observed after dosing in the fasting condition. Expand
Comparative investigations on the bioavailability of cefuroxime axetil.
In a three-way cross-over study the bioavailability of cefuroxime was determined in 12 healthy volunteers after oral administration of 250 mg as cefuroxime axetil (Elobact; CAS 64544-07-6) in a plainExpand
Relative bioavailability of three cefixime formulations.
It is concluded that best bioavailability of cefixime after oral administration is guaranteed when taken in an "aqueous medium" either as dry suspension or as tablet with "plenty of liquid". Expand
Cefixime. A review of its antibacterial activity. Pharmacokinetic properties and therapeutic potential.
Cefixime is an effective orally active cephalosporin with a relatively long elimination half-life permitting a simplified treatment regimen and is a suitable alternative to cefaclor or amoxycillin in acute otitis media and acute upper and lower respiratory tract infections, and to amxycillin or co-trimoxazole in acute uncomplicated urinary tract infections. Expand
Comparison of Transport Characteristics of Amino β‐Lactam Antibiotics and Dipeptides Across Rat Intestinal Brush Border Membrane
The results suggest that the contribution of the inward H+ gradient to the permeation of ampicillin, cephradine and glycylglycine across the rat small intestinal brush border membranes is different for each of the substances examined. Expand
Pharmacokinetics in healthy volunteers and patients with impaired renal function after oral cefotiam hexetil
Nous avons compare le comportement du cefotiam hexetil chez 11 volontaires masculins et chez 20 patients souffrant de divers degres d'insuffisance renale. Volontaires et patients prirent chacun deuxExpand
Pharmacokinetics of intravenous cefetamet (Ro 15-8074) and oral cefetamet pivoxil (Ro 15-8075) in young and elderly subjects
It is concluded that the small reduction in the elimination of cefetamet in the elderly would not require dose adjustment for this population, and age did not appear to alter the deesterification and bioavailability of CefetAMet pivoxil. Expand
Pharmacokinetics of oral cefetamet pivoxil (Ro 15-8075) and intravenous cefetamet (Ro 15-8074) in humans: a review.
After oral administration, cefetamet pivoxil shows a significant food effect and is recommended to be taken after food, however, the food effect is not of such a magnitude that it will be of clinical consequence when this recommendation is not followed. Expand