Pharmakokinetik und Plasmaeiweißbindung von Iotroxinsäure

  title={Pharmakokinetik und Plasmaeiwei{\ss}bindung von Iotroxins{\"a}ure},
  author={V. Taenzer and U. Speck and R. Wolf},
  journal={Rofo-fortschritte Auf Dem Gebiet Der Rontgenstrahlen Und Der Bildgebenden Verfahren},
  • V. Taenzer, U. Speck, R. Wolf
  • Published 1977
  • Medicine
  • Rofo-fortschritte Auf Dem Gebiet Der Rontgenstrahlen Und Der Bildgebenden Verfahren
: Pharmacokinetic data after injection of the new cholegraphic contrast medium iotroxic acid (Biliscopin) in man are reported and compared with the results of injections of ioglycamate and iodoxic acid. Iotroxic acid is less completely bound to plasma proteins than ioglycamate, but significancy more so than iodoxamate. Plasma protein binding depends on contrast concentration in the plasma, as does excretion in the urine. Biliary transport rate and maximal iodine concentration in the gall… Expand
Intravenous cholangiography by bolus injection of meglumine iotroxamate and meglumine iodoxamate: a comparative trial of two new contrast media.
The results showed no statistically significant difference in biliary tree opacification; more frequent renal excretion of contrast with iodoxamate; and contrary to previous reports a slightly higher incidence of side effects with iotroxamate. Expand
Analytical Profile of Iodoxamic Acid
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the analytical profile of iodoxamic acid. Its generic name is iodoxamate meglumine. Its trade name is endobil, endomirabil, cholovue, and cholegrafin. It isExpand
Ytterbium- and dysprosium-EOB-DTPA. A new prototype of liver-specific contrast agents for computed tomography.
Metal complexes of the EOB-DTPA type, especially those of Gd and Yb seem to be useful as iodine-free liver-specific contrast agents for computed tomography (CT) in healthy or tumor-bearing rats and rabbits. Expand
Use of meglumine iotroxate in the detection of liver tumors by computed tomography.
  • T. Hosoki, S. Mori
  • Medicine
  • Computerized radiology : official journal of the Computerized Tomography Society
  • 1985
Experience with contrast enhanced computed tomographic examinations of 13 patients with hepatic tumors using a new cholangiographic contrast material, meglumine iotroxate, indicates that contrast enhanced CT using meglums is a promising alternative to conventional CT in the detection of hepatic cancers. Expand
Pharmacokinetics of the Liver‐Specific Contrast Agent Gd‐EOB‐DTPA in Relation to Contrast‐Enhanced Liver Imaging in Humans
Dose‐normalized area under the concentration—time curve was significantly increased with increasing doses indicating saturation in liver uptake for the highest dose, in agreement with the measured net increase in liver attenuation by computed tomography. Expand
Delivery of diagnostic agents in computed tomography.
  • Krause
  • Medicine
  • Advanced drug delivery reviews
  • 1999
The remaining task for the future will be to improve the tolerability of the contrast agents to such an extent that the side-effect incidence and severity is low enough to allow for the use of these agents in patients. Expand
X-Ray Contrast Media