Pharmacomethylomics: methylation profiling applied to drug resistance models

  title={Pharmacomethylomics: methylation profiling applied to drug resistance models},
  author={Josef Straub and Pauline de Graef and Geert Trooskens and Katja Bierau and Steven de Jong and Joseph W Bigley and Ate G. J. van der Zee and Herman Spolders and Wim Mr Van Criekinge},
A95 One major problem in the treatment of cancers using chemotherapeutic agents is the occurrence of resistance against the compound used. Here we report a pilot study to investigate this problem in more detail using Pharmacomethylomics" approach. The model used in the current study consists of a set of three cell lines ("Glc4", "Tera" and "A2780") and derived cell lines showing resistance against elevated concentrations of the compounds Doxorubicin and Cisplatin in cell culture.The methylation… CONTINUE READING

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