Pharmacology and regulation of ATP-sensitive K+ channels

  title={Pharmacology and regulation of ATP-sensitive K+ channels},
  author={J. R. de Weille and Michel Fosset and Christiane Mourre and Heidy Schmid-Antomarchi and Henri Bernardi and Michel Lazdunski},
  journal={Pfl{\"u}gers Archiv},
Introduction A new class of K + channels that link membrane potential to the bioenergetic situation of the cell has been recently discovered (Noma 1983). These K + channels (KATP) are normally closed at physiological intracellular ATP concentrations and open upon a diminution of [ATP]in. These channels have been shown to be present in pancreatic B-cells (Ashcroft et al. 1984; Cook and Hales 1984; Rorsman and Trube 1985a; Rorsman and Trube 1985b), cardiac ventricular cells (Noma 1983; Trube and… CONTINUE READING


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