Pharmacological profiles of the human and rabbit B1 receptors.

  title={Pharmacological profiles of the human and rabbit B1 receptors.},
  author={Fernand Gobeil and Witold Neugebauer and X K Nguyen-Le and S Nea Allogho and Leng Hong Pheng and David Blouin and Eric T. Whalley and Domenico Regoli},
  journal={Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology},
  volume={75 6},
Twenty-two peptides related to kinins were used (i) to examine some chemical features required for the human and rabbit B1 receptor activation or blockade and (ii) to establish the existence of a correlation between the pharmacological spectrum of the B1 receptor obtained on the rabbit aorta (rbA) and the human umbilical vein (hUV). The apparent affinities of these peptides were measured in vitro using classical bioassays and are expressed in terms of pD2 (for agonists) or pA2 values (for… CONTINUE READING