Pharmacological interaction of drugs with immune receptors: the p-i concept.

  title={Pharmacological interaction of drugs with immune receptors: the p-i concept.},
  author={Werner Joseph Pichler and Andreas Beeler and Monika Keller and Marianne Lerch and Sinforiano J Posadas and Daphn{\'e} Schmid and Zoi Spanou and Anna Zawodniak and Basil O. Gerber},
  journal={Allergology international : official journal of the Japanese Society of Allergology},
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Drug-induced hypersensitivity reactions have been explained by the hapten concept, according to which a small chemical compound is too small to be recognized by the immune system. Only after covalently binding to an endogenous protein the immune system reacts to this so called hapten-carrier complex, as the larger molecule (protein) is modified, and thus immunogenic for B and T cells. Consequently, a B and T cell immune response might develop to the drug with very heterogeneous clinical… CONTINUE READING