Pharmacological characterization of nalorphine, a kappa 3 analgesic.

  title={Pharmacological characterization of nalorphine, a kappa 3 analgesic.},
  author={Dennis Paul and Chaim Gideon Pick and Leslie Tive and Gavril W Pasternak},
  journal={The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics},
  volume={257 1},
Nalorphine is an unusual opiate. Whereas low doses of nalorphine antagonize morphine analgesia, higher nalorphine doses are analgesic, with ED50 values (95% CL) of 13.4 (11.5, 15.8) mg/kg in the writhing and 39.5 (26.6, 60.1) mg/kg in the tail-flick assay. Although nalorphine analgesia is sensitive to naloxone, implying an opioid mechanism, neither beta-funaltrexamine, naltrindole nor nor-binaltorphomine antagonized nalorphine analgesia in the tail-flick assay at doses which reversed… CONTINUE READING

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