Pharmacological characterization in vivo of the novel opiate, beta-funaltrexamine.

  title={Pharmacological characterization in vivo of the novel opiate, beta-funaltrexamine.},
  author={Stephen John Ward and Philip S. Portoghese and Akihiro Takemori},
  journal={The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics},
  volume={220 3},
The profile of action of beta-funaltrexamine (beta-FNA), the fumaramate methyl ester derivative of naltrexone, on antinociceptive tests in vivo was investigated. Beta-FNA demonstrated antinociceptive actions that were of short duration and that appeared to be mediated by kappa receptor interaction. In contrast, the antagonist actions of beta-FNA were of remarkably long duration and were selective toward nu agonist interactions. This profile of action is consistent with the profile of action of… CONTINUE READING
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