Pharmacological characterisation of the thermogenic effect of bupropion.


The pharmacological mechanism of bupropion's thermogenic effect has been investigated in female Wistar rats by measuring oxygen consumption at thermoneutrality (29 degrees C). Bupropion (30 mg/kg) rapidly increased oxygen consumption (VO2) with a maximum effect at 30 min, and VO2 remained elevated throughout the 4-h experimental period. The nonselective 5… (More)


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@article{Liu2004PharmacologicalCO, title={Pharmacological characterisation of the thermogenic effect of bupropion.}, author={Yong-ling Liu and Ian P Connoley and David J. Heal and Michael Stock}, journal={European journal of pharmacology}, year={2004}, volume={498 1-3}, pages={219-25} }