Pharmacological and therapeutic potential of Cordyceps with special reference to Cordycepin

  title={Pharmacological and therapeutic potential of Cordyceps with special reference to Cordycepin},
  author={Hardeep Singh Tuli and Sardul Singh Sandhu and A. K. Sharma},
  journal={3 Biotech},
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An entomopathogenic fungus, Cordyceps sp. has been known to have numerous pharmacological and therapeutic implications, especially, in terms of human health making it a suitable candidate for ethno-pharmacological use. Main constituent of the extract derived from this fungus comprises a novel bio-metabolite called as Cordycepin (3′deoxyadenosine) which has a very potent anti-cancer, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. The current review discusses about the broad spectrum potential of… 

Therapeutic Potential and Biological Applications of Cordycepin and Metabolic Mechanisms in Cordycepin-Producing Fungi

It is posited that new approaches, including single-cell analysis, have the potential to enhance medicinal potency and unravel all facets of metabolic mechanisms of cordycepin in Cordyceps militaris.

Cordyceps militaris: An Overview of Its Chemical Constituents in Relation to Biological Activity

Based on the presence of several bioactive compounds that contribute to biological activity, C. militaris mushrooms definitely deserve to be considered as functional foods and also have great potential for medicinal use.

Cordycepin: A Biotherapeutic Molecule from Medicinal Mushroom

This chapter reviewed recent published research on the cordycepin chemistry, production, extraction, isolation, purification, biotherapeutic activities and applications.

Cordycepin for Health and Wellbeing: A Potent Bioactive Metabolite of an Entomopathogenic Medicinal Fungus Cordyceps with Its Nutraceutical and Therapeutic Potential

This review will attract the attention of food scientists, nutritionists, pharmaceutical and food industries to improve the use of bioactive molecule cordycepin for nutraceutical purposes with commercialization to aid and promote healthy lifestyle, wellness and wellbeing.

Cordycepin: a bioactive metabolite with therapeutic potential.

Cordyceps militaris as a Bio Functional Food Source: Pharmacological Potential, Anti-Inflammatory Actions and Related Molecular Mechanisms

A foundation for clinical use is presented, the roadmap for future studies concerning the medical use of C. militaris and its constituents in the next generation of anti-inflammatory drugs is analyzed, and insights are provided towards the understanding ofAnti-inflammatory activity-related mechanisms.

Enrichment of cordycepin for cosmeceutical applications: culture systems and strategies

The aim of this review is to illustrate cordycepin biosynthesis pathway in Cordyceps, and its bioactivity for cosmeceutical applications, as well as comparing the two different cultivation procedures.

Cordyceps militaris (L.) Link: Chemical Bioactive Compounds and Pharmacological Activities

The present review highlights the chemical bioactive compounds and pharmacological activities of this medicinal mushroom C. militaris.

Recent Advancement and the Way Forward for Cordyceps

In India, the sericulture waste can be used as an important potential culture material for developing the Cordyceps-related industry and support the silk farmers for additional income and social upliftment of the tribal community in future.



Pharmacological actions of Cordyceps, a prized folk medicine

  • T. NgH. Wang
  • Biology, Medicine
    The Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology
  • 2005
The aim of this article is to review the chemical constituents and pharmacological actions of Cordyceps species, including cordycepin and its derivatives, ergosterol, polysaccharides, a glycoprotein and peptides containing α‐aminoisobutyric acid.

Medicinal uses of the mushroom Cordyceps militaris: current state and prospects.

Pharmacology, phytochemistry and traditional uses of Cordyceps sinensis (Berk.) Sacc: A recent update for future prospectsa

This review highlights the pharmacology, biological properties and traditional uses of a very important folklore medicine, known as ‘Keeda jadi’. In nature, it is found at high altitudes of 3500-5000

The scientific rediscovery of an ancient Chinese herbal medicine: Cordyceps sinensis: part I.

This review presents Cordyceps sinensis (Berk.) Sacc., a fungus highly valued in China as a tonic food and herbal medicine. The extant records show the continued use of C. sinensis is now centuries

The genus Cordyceps: a chemical and pharmacological review

This study highlights the chemistry and pharmacology of Cordyceps, especially CordyCEps sinensis (Berk.) Sacc.

Traditional uses and medicinal potential of Cordyceps sinensis of Sikkim

It was found that most local folk healers/traditional healers use cordyceps for the treatment of 21 ailments and more mechanism-based and disease-oriented clinical studies are recommended.

Cordyceps – A traditional Chinese medicine and another fungal therapeutic biofactory?

The scientific rediscovery of a precious ancient Chinese herbal regimen: Cordyceps sinensis: part II.

Cordyceps sinensis (Berk.) Sacc. is a time-honored tonic food and herbal medicine in China, where recent research has shown that many of its traditional uses may be viewed from the basis of

Antifungal and Anticancer Activities of a Protein from the Mushroom Cordyceps militaris.

Results indicate that C. militaris represents a source of a novel protein that might be applied in diverse biological and medicinal applications.