Pharmacological Properties of Recanescine, A New Sedative Alkaloid from Rauwolfia canescens Linn

  title={Pharmacological Properties of Recanescine, A New Sedative Alkaloid from Rauwolfia canescens Linn},
  author={Irwin H. Slater and Robert C. Rathbun and Francis G. Henderson and Norbert Neuss},
  journal={Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine},
  pages={293 - 295}
Summary A new alkaloid isolated from Rauwolfia canescens, recanescine, appears to lack the methoxyl group in the C-ll position of reserpine. Preliminary evidence indicates that this compound retains the characteristic pharmacologic activity of reserpine. Thus, the methoxyl group is not essential for the sedative and hypotensive action of reserpine. Note added in proof Since submission of this manuscript, Stoll and Hofmann have reported the isolation of a new alkaloid, canes-cine, which is… 
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