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Pharmacological Profile of Pterocarpus marsupium with a note on its Therapeutic Activity: A Review

  title={Pharmacological Profile of Pterocarpus marsupium with a note on its Therapeutic Activity: A Review},
  author={Abhishek and Karunakara Hegde},
Pterocarpus marsupium (Leguminosae), commonly known as Bijayasara or Asana in Bengali, Bijasal in Hindi, Indian kino or Malabar kino in English, is a large deciduous tree widely distributed in the central, Western and Southern regions of India. It is an important medicinal plant of Indian traditional system of medicines and has been used in India for several medicinal purposes. It is a good source of tannins and hence used as powerful astringent, cooling, constipating, anodyne, alternant… 
Ethnobotanical Uses, Phytochemistry and Pharmacological Activities of Pterocarpus marsupium: A Review
The current review aimed to define the phytochemical and pharmacological aspects of P. marsupium which will have been help in the researchers for further qualitative research.
Pterocarpus marsupium Roxb. heartwood extract synthesized chitosan nanoparticles and its biomedical applications
The investigation reports the eco-friendly, cost-effective method for synthesizing chitosan nanoparticles loaded with Pterocarpus marsupium Rox.b heartwood extract as well as a significant increase in alpha-amylase inhibition and appreciable anti-inflammatory activity as measured by inhibition of protein denaturation.


Assessment of analgesic activity of Pterocarpus marsupium leaf extracts in Swiss albino mice
This investigation attempted analgesic assessment of successive petroleum ether, ethyl acetate and methanol extracts from leaf extracts of P. marsupium leaf on the basis of its role as anti-diabetic and its use as cardiotonic and hepatoprotective agent.
Pharmacology of Pterocarpus marsupium Roxb
The plant Pterocarpus marsupium Roxb., belonging to the family Leguminosae commonly grows in the hilly regions of central and peninsular India. It has a long history of numerous traditional and
Phytochemicaly, many phenolic constituents of which flavonoid comprising major pool, are forming the basis of most pharmacological activities possessed by Pterocarpus marsupium are summarized.
Studies on the Antifungal Activity of Pterocarpus Marsupium: a Clinical Evaluation.
In a blind clinical trial, the usefulness of this drug as a topical agent against T.cruris and T. corporis was elevated and the drug yielded good response within 3 days of the first application.
Ethnomedicinal practices of Kol tribes in Similipal Biosphere Reserve, Orissa, India
Reports on ethnomedicinal uses of 32 potential medicinal plants belong to 24 families of medicinal plants used for ailment of various diseases like leucorrhoea, spermatorrhea, piles, sore throat, rheumatism, elephantiasis etc by Kol tribe living in some villages situated in and around Similipal Biosphere Reserve.
Wound Healing Potential of Pterocarpus Santalinus Linn: A Pharmacological Evaluation
A pharmacological study to evaluate the toxicity as well as wound-healing potential in animal studies of P. santalinus ointment, finding it safe and effective in treating acute wounds in animal models.