Pharmacologic and anti-IgE treatment of allergic rhinitis ARIA update (in collaboration with GA2LEN).

  title={Pharmacologic and anti-IgE treatment of allergic rhinitis ARIA update (in collaboration with GA2LEN).},
  author={Jean Bousquet and Paul Van Cauwenberge and N A{\"i}t Khaled and C Bachert and Carlos Eduardo Baena-Cagnani and Jacques Bouchard and Chaweewan Bunnag and Giorgio Walter Canonica and K. H. Carlsen and Y M Chen and {\'A}lvaro Augusto Cruz and Adnan Custovic and Pascal Demoly and Ruta Dubakiene and Stephen Durham and Wystske Fokkens and Peter Howarth and James Kemp and Marek L Kowalski and Violeta Kvedarienė and Brian J Lipworth and Richard J Lockey and V. T. Lund and S. Mavale-Manuel and Eli O Meltzer and J Mullol and Robert N Naclerio and Krist{\'o}f N{\'e}k{\'a}m and Ken Ohta and Nikos Papadopoulos and Giovanni Passalacqua and Ruby Pawankar and Todor Popov and Paul Potter and David Price and Glenis Kathleen Scadding and F. Estelle R. Simons and V{\'a}clav Spi{\vc}{\'a}k and Erkka Juhani Valovirta and Dayong Wang and Barbara R Yawn and Osman Yusuf},
  volume={61 9},
The pharmacologic treatment of allergic rhinitis proposed by ARIA is an evidence-based and step-wise approach based on the classification of the symptoms. The ARIA workshop, held in December 1999, published a report in 2001 and new information has subsequently been published. The initial ARIA document lacked some important information on several issues. This document updates the ARIA sections on the pharmacologic and anti-IgE treatments of allergic rhinitis. Literature published between January… CONTINUE READING