Pharmacokinetics-on-a-Chip Using Label-Free SERS Technique for Programmable Dual-Drug Analysis.

  title={Pharmacokinetics-on-a-Chip Using Label-Free SERS Technique for Programmable Dual-Drug Analysis.},
  author={Jiayuan Fei and Lei Wu and Yizhi Zhang and Shenfei Zong and Zhuyuan Wang and Yiping Cui},
  journal={ACS sensors},
  volume={2 6},
Synergistic effects of dual or multiple drugs have attracted great attention in medical fields, especially in cancer therapies. We provide a programmable microfluidic platform for pharmacokinetic detection of multiple drugs in multiple cells. The well-designed microfluidic platform includes two 2 × 3 microarrays of cell chambers, two gradient generators, and several pneumatic valves. Through the combined use of valves and gradient generators, each chamber can be controlled to infuse different… CONTINUE READING

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