Pharmacokinetics of trapidil (Rocornal) in patients with chronic liver disease.


The pharmacokinetics of trapidil (Rocornal, Deutsches Hydrierwerk Rodleben GmbH) were studied in 15 patients with chronic liver disease (12 patients with hepatic cirrhosis, 2 patients with alcoholic fatty liver, one patient with liver fibrosis). Trapidil was given orally (200 mg, Rocornal dragees 100 mg) as well as intravenously (100 mg) in random order… (More)


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@article{Berndt1992PharmacokineticsOT, title={Pharmacokinetics of trapidil (Rocornal) in patients with chronic liver disease.}, author={Al. Berndt and Klaus Poenicke and Michael Wei\ss}, journal={International journal of clinical pharmacology, therapy, and toxicology}, year={1992}, volume={30 11}, pages={492-3} }