Pharmacokinetics of toremifene.

  title={Pharmacokinetics of toremifene.},
  author={Markku I. Anttila and Ritva Valavaara and Seppo Kivinen and Juhani M{\"a}enp{\"a}{\"a}},
  journal={Journal of steroid biochemistry},
  volume={36 3},
The pharmacokinetics of toremifene has been investigated in man after single and multiple oral doses. Toremifene was completely absorbed without first-pass metabolism. Peak concentration in serum was achieved in 4 h. Mean half-lives of distribution and elimination were 4 h and 5 days, respectively. Kinetics was linear in the studied dose-range of 10-680 mg. Toremifene was over 99% bound to plasma proteins and extensively metabolized. The main metabolites in serum were demethyl- and… CONTINUE READING

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