Pharmacokinetics of glipizide in man: Influence of renal insufficiency

  title={Pharmacokinetics of glipizide in man: Influence of renal insufficiency},
  author={L P Balant and Gaston R. Zahnd and A. Gorgia and R L Schwarz and J-E. Fabre},
Four subjects received 5 mg14C-glipizide orally and3 subjects1 mg intravenously. The average absorption of the oral dose was nearly 100% with peak plasma levels occurring between 90 and 360 min. The apparent half-life of plasma radioactivity was approximatively 3.7 h, the disappearance of radioactivity following complex kinetics due to metabolism of the drug. Extraction with CH2Cl2 and chromatography showed that in plasma 85% of the total radioactivity corresponded to unchanged glipizide, but… CONTINUE READING