Pharmacokinetics of 4-hydroxycyclophosphamide and metabolites in the rat.

  title={Pharmacokinetics of 4-hydroxycyclophosphamide and metabolites in the rat.},
  author={Pang Hong and Aeumporn Srigritsanapol and Kenneth K Y Chan},
  journal={Drug metabolism and disposition: the biological fate of chemicals},
  volume={19 1},
Pharmacokinetics of 4-hydroxycyclophosphamide (4-OHCP), the major active microsomal metabolite of cyclophosphamide (CP), were investigated in the Sprague-Dawley rat following separate iv bolus administrations of CP, synthetic 4-OHCP, and their combination. CP, 4-OHCP, and other metabolites such as phosphoramide mustard, alcophosphamide, and 3-(2-chloroethyl)-1,3-oxazolidin-2-one in rat plasma were simultaneously analyzed using GC/MS and stable isotope dilution techniques. Following iv… CONTINUE READING


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