Pharmacokinetics and radiation dosimetry of 99Tcm-labelled monoclonal antibody B43.13 in ovarian cancer patients.


OVAREX MAb B43.13 is a new radiopharmaceutical based on a monoclonal antibody (MAb-B43.13) known to recognize CA 125, a tumour antigen associated with epithelial ovarian cancer. This MAb is capable of facile radiolabelling with 99Tcm and has been shown previously to localize in the tumours of ovarian cancer patients. The present study was initiated to measure the pharmacokinetics of this MAb in the serum of 10 patients with primary or metastatic ovarian cancer. A two-compartment model was found to be best at representing the biodistribution of the 99Tcm-labelled MAb, yielding a 2.6 h distribution phase half-life and a 31.3 h elimination phase half-life. The serum and renal clearances for 99Tcm-MAb-B43.13 were 121 and 53 ml h-1 respectively. These parameters were compared with a similar model developed from the serum values of the MAb itself (determined using an ELISA detection method). Based on the serum pharmacokinetics of 99Tcm-MAb-B43.13 and whole-body planar gamma camera images, an estimate of the radiation dose from 99Tcm was calculated using standard MIRD schema. The organs demonstrating significant 99Tcm uptake included the liver, kidneys, heart and spleen. The whole-body dose was similar to other 99Tcm-labelled MAbs.


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