Pharmacokinetics and disposition of carvedilol in humans.

  title={Pharmacokinetics and disposition of carvedilol in humans.},
  author={G. Neugebauer and W. Akpan and E von M{\"o}llendorff and Peter Neubert and K. Reiff},
  journal={Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology},
  volume={10 Suppl 11},
Pharmacokinetics of carvedilol (C) have been studied in healthy volunteers after a single i.v. and oral administration, and the metabolic disposition after oral administration of 14C-labeled drug. C demonstrates dose-linear behavior. The absolute bioavailability reaches 24% probably due to a first-pass effect. After a 50 mg oral dose, maximum concentrations of 66 micrograms/l are achieved within 1.2 h. C is extensively distributed to the tissues (Vz = 132 l) and eliminated primarily by hepatic… CONTINUE READING