Pharmacokinetics and Antiepileptic Activity of Valproyl Hydroxamic Acid Derivatives

  title={Pharmacokinetics and Antiepileptic Activity of Valproyl Hydroxamic Acid Derivatives},
  author={Micha Levi and Boris Yagen and Meir Bialer},
  journal={Pharmaceutical Research},
Purpose. To explore the utilization of seven novel hydroxamic acid derivatives of valproic acid (VPA) as new antiepileptics. Methods. The study was carried out by investigating the pharmacokinetics of two active compounds in dogs and pharmacodynamics (anti-convulsant activity and neurotoxicity) of valproyl hydroxamic acid and six of its derivatives. Results. Three valproyl hydroxamic acid derivatives: valproyl hydroxamic acid—VPA-HA, N-(l-hydroxyethyl)-valpromide—HEV and N-methoxy valpromide… CONTINUE READING


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