Pharmacokinetics, N1-glucuronidation and N4-acetylation of sulfadimethoxine in man

  title={Pharmacokinetics, N1-glucuronidation and N4-acetylation of sulfadimethoxine in man},
  author={Dr. T. B. Vree and E. W. J. Beneken Kolmer and M. Martea and Ruud J. L. H. Bosch and Dr. Y. A. Hekster and Minoru Shimoda},
  journal={Pharmaceutisch Weekblad},
Sulfadimethoxine is metabolized byO-dealkylation, N4-acetylation and N1-glucuronidation. In man, only N1-glucuronidation and N4-acetylation takes place, leading to the final double conjugate N4-acetylsulfadimethoxine-N1-glucuronide. The N1-glucuronides are directly measured by high pressure liquid chromatography. When N4-acetylsulfadimethoxine is administered as parent drug, 30% of the dose is N1-glucuronidated and excreted. Fast acetylators show a shorter half-life for sulfadimethoxine than… CONTINUE READING
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