Pharmacokinetic studies with 3H-cytisine.

  title={Pharmacokinetic studies with 3H-cytisine.},
  author={H P Kloecking and Michael Richter and George Damm},
  journal={Archives of toxicology. Supplement. = Archiv fur Toxikologie. Supplement},
The pharmacokinetic behaviour of cytisine was studied in mice by means of tritiated cytisine after intravenous and oral administration of a sublethal dose of 2 mg/kg. After oral administration the maximum blood level is reached after 2 h. The absorption rate is approximately 42%. From the blood level after intravenous administration a half-life of 200 min was calculated. Within 24 h after intravenous administration 32% and after oral administration 18% of the administered radioactivity was… CONTINUE READING

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