Pharmacokinetic optimisation of the treatment of neurocysticercosis.

  title={Pharmacokinetic optimisation of the treatment of neurocysticercosis.},
  author={Julio Sotelo and Helgi Jung},
  journal={Clinical pharmacokinetics},
  volume={34 6},
Neurocysticercosis is the most important parasitic infection of the nervous system. It is common in communities living in conditions with poor hygiene. Until the last 2 decades, there was no specific pharmacological treatment: surgery and corticosteroids were the only medical alternatives. The recent introduction of anticysticercal drugs, an isoquinoline (praziquantel) and a benzimidazole (albendazole), has dramatically changed the medical management of neurocysticercosis. Praziquantel is taken… CONTINUE READING


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