Pharmacokinetic interaction of propoxyphene with ethanol.

  title={Pharmacokinetic interaction of propoxyphene with ethanol.},
  author={Edward M. Sellers and Carlene A. Hamilton and Howard L. Kaplan and N C Degani and Rodger L. Foltz},
  journal={British journal of clinical pharmacology},
  volume={19 3},
In order to study the effects of ethanol on the pharmacokinetics of propoxyphene, six healthy male volunteers were each given (1) propoxyphene 65 mg p.o. preceded by 1 h by ethanol 0.9 g/kg lean body weight and followed for 7.5 h by ethanol dosed to maintain breath ethanol at 800-1000 mg/l; and (2) propoxyphene 65 mg p.o. with orange juice in the same volume and frequency as ethanol. Ethanol did not induce any significant changes in apparent t 1/2 or Cmax of propoxyphene or norpropoxyphene. The… CONTINUE READING

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