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Pharmacokinetic characterization of mitonafide in man.

  title={Pharmacokinetic characterization of mitonafide in man.},
  author={E. Brode and A. Poveda Velasco and Eduardo D{\'i}az-Rubio and R Rosell Costa and A Benavides Fissure},
  journal={Methods and findings in experimental and clinical pharmacology},
  volume={14 2},
The pharmacokinetic behavior of mitonafide after intravenous administration (1 h infusions) to patients (118-180 mg/m2) can be described by an open three compartment body model. Mitonafide distributes quasi-instantaneously in a central distribution volume of 102 l/m2 (median) from which it equilibrates with two peripheral compartments of 106 and 258 l/m2, respectively. Its disappearance from plasma is triexponential with half-lives of 0.28, 2.0 and 26.9 h, resulting in a clearance of 69 l/h/m2…