Pharmacokinetic and phase I evaluation of carboplatin in dogs.

  title={Pharmacokinetic and phase I evaluation of carboplatin in dogs.},
  author={Rodney L{\'o}pez Page and Margaret C. McEntee and Stephen L. George and Patrick L. Williams and G L Heidner and C A Novotney and Jim E Riviere and Mark W. Dewhirst and Donald E. Thrall},
  journal={Journal of veterinary internal medicine},
  volume={7 4},
Thirty dogs with spontaneously occurring malignant neoplasms were treated monthly with carboplatin (CBDCA) given as a 30-minute intravenous infusion in a dose escalation study. Twenty-eight dogs were considered evaluable for toxicity. The maximally tolerated dose of CBDCA was conceptually defined as that dose, determined by logistic regression analyses of toxicity data, resulting in a 50% incidence of moderate toxicity (MOD50) or a 5% incidence of severe toxicity (SEV5). Each designated… CONTINUE READING


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