Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic features of dapoxetine, a novel drug for ‘on‐demand’ treatment of premature ejaculation

  title={Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic features of dapoxetine, a novel drug for ‘on‐demand’ treatment of premature ejaculation},
  author={Karl Erik Andersson and John P. Mulhall and Michael Grant Wyllie},
  journal={BJU International},
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Assessing satisfaction in men with premature ejaculation after dapoxetine treatment in real‐world practice

There are limited data on the treatment satisfaction with dapoxetine in patients with premature ejaculation (PE) and its use in clinical practice is unclear.

Efficacy and safety of dapoxetine in treatment of premature ejaculation: an evidence‐based review

Dapoxetine is the only SSRI specifically designed to treat PE, the most common sexual dysfunction in men, and has a negative impact on interpersonal relationships.

In the works: pharmacological treatment for premature ejaculation

The ideal treatment for premature ejaculation – the most common male sexual dysfunction – would be an approved, discreet and on‐demand therapy that is effective from the first dose and has no

Randomized Clinical Trial Between Fluoxetine and Dapoxetine for Premature Ejaculation and Its Effect on Marital Relationship

Current evidence postulates that PE is a neurobiological phenomenon centrally regulated by inter-connected cerebral sensory areas and motor centres involving a range of neurotransmitters including serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin.

The role of local anaesthetics in premature ejaculation

The largest ever study of its kind has been conducted on the role of language and culture in the development of Alzheimer's disease and its effects on memory and language impairment.

Dapoxetine, a novel selective serotonin transport inhibitor for the treatment of premature ejaculation

This review addresses the definition, classification, diagnosis, physiology, and neurobiopathology of PE, and evaluates therapeutic strategies with novel treatments for PE and identifies dapoxetine as a short-acting SSRI developed specifically for the treatment of PE.



Mechanisms and treatments of SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction.

SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction affects 30% to 50% or more of individuals who take these drugs for depression, and five approaches to treatment include conservative approaches such as wait and see, decrease dosage, and drug holidays.

On-demand SSRI treatment of premature ejaculation: pharmacodynamic limitations for relevant ejaculation delay and consequent solutions.

On-demand SSRIs with short half-life that insufficiently delay ejaculation in men with IELTs less than 1 minute should be called ejaculation-delaying drugs rather than drugs against premature ejaculation.

Treatment of premature ejaculation with paroxetine hydrochloride

Paroxetine hydrochloride appears to be a useful agent in the pharmacological treatment of premature ejaculation when administered on a chronic, an ‘ on-demand’ basis following chronic treatment or initial ‘on demand” basis.

Treatment of premature ejaculation with sertraline hydrochloride

  • C. McMahon
  • Medicine, Psychology
    International Journal of Impotence Research
  • 1998
Sertraline appears to be a useful agent in the pharmacological treatment of premature ejaculated men in a dose ranging study.

Pharmacokinetics of Sertraline and its N-Demethyl Metabolite in Elderly and Young Male and Female Volunteers

The terminal elimination half-life of sertraline was similar in young females, elderly males and elderly females and the mean steady-state area under the plasma concentration-time curve from time zero to 24 hours postdose (AUC24), but were approximately 25% lower in the young males.

Lifelong premature ejaculation: from authority‐based to evidence‐based medicine

Control trials with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, clomipramine and anaesthetic ointments have repeatedly shown the efficacy of both daily and 'as-needed' drug treatment to delay ejaculation.

Making Advances Where It Matters: Improving Outcomes in Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are safe and effective treatments for major depression and anxiety disorders, and have become the most widely prescribed antidepressants worldwide, but several issues limit SSRI treatment outcomes.

Premature ejaculation: an observational study of men and their partners.

Shorter IELT was significantly associated with reduced ejaculatory control and sexual satisfaction and increased distress and interpersonal difficulty, indicating the need for additional PRO measures to characterize PE.