Pharmacognostical studies on Oroxylum indicum (Linn.)Vent. stem bark


Oroxylum indicum (Linn.)Vent. is one such plant which is extensively used in the Indian systems of medicine as an important ingredient of “Dashmula” and in the treatment of many diseases. Proper identification of the drug is desired for obtaining its complete therapeutic effects. It is with this aspect in view the present study dealing with pharmacognostical study and some other related studies of the stem bark of the species O. indicum (Linn.)Vent. were done. The stem bark is characterized by the well developed cork region; phelloderm region consisting number of stone cells and fibres, ceratenchyma is also present in inner phloem region, medullary rays are heterogenous and multiseriate, minute starch grains up to 5 μm in diam. are present in secondary phloem region. Powder of stem bark shown fragments of cork cells, stone cells and sclereids, fragments of fibres, parenchymatous cells, filled with black brown content, acicular crystals and starch grains were also found present. TLC of various extracts showed spots in different solvent system and phytochemically the plant was found to contain flavonoids, saponin, phenolic and tannins.

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