Pharmacogenomics and "individualized drug therapy": high expectations and disappointing achievements.

  title={Pharmacogenomics and "individualized drug therapy": high expectations and disappointing achievements.},
  author={Daniel W. Nebert and Lucia F. Jorge-Nebert and Elliot S. Vesell},
  journal={American journal of pharmacogenomics : genomics-related research in drug development and clinical practice},
  volume={3 6},
Since 1965 there have been more than 800 pharmacogenetics/genomics reviews - most suggesting that we are on the verge of offering individualized drug therapy to everyone. However, there are numerous reasons why this approach will be extremely difficult to achieve in the foreseeable future. Drug treatment outcome represents a complex phenotype, encoded by dozens, if not hundreds, of genes, and affected by many environmental factors; therefore, we will almost always see a gradient of response… CONTINUE READING


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