Pharmacodynamics of unfractionated heparin during and after a hemodialysis session.

  title={Pharmacodynamics of unfractionated heparin during and after a hemodialysis session.},
  author={Philippe Brunet and Nicolas Simon and Adriana Opris and Val{\'e}rie Faure and Anne-Marie Lorec-Penet and Henri Portugal and Bertrand M. Dussol and Yvon F. Berland},
  journal={American journal of kidney diseases : the official journal of the National Kidney Foundation},
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BACKGROUND Anti-Xa activity is used as a clinical guide to anticoagulation with heparin, but heparin dosing regimens for hemodialysis were established before anti-Xa assays were developed; thus, the optimal regimen for heparin dosing was not determined. The aim is to confirm the interesting characteristics of unfractionated heparin pharmacokinetics for hemodialysis anticoagulation, provide insight into the hemorrhagic risk of hemodialysis patients, and determine the dose of unfractionated… CONTINUE READING