Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of khat: A controlled study

  title={Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of khat: A controlled study},
  author={Peter Widler and Karoline Mathys and Rudolf Brenneisen and Peter Kalix and Hans U. Fisch},
  journal={Clinical Pharmacology \& Therapeutics},
To show the subjective and cardiovascular effects of khat leaves having a standardized content of cathinone. 

Pharmacological characterization of designer cathinones in vitro

Designer β‐keto amphetamines (e.g. cathinones, ‘bath salts’ and ‘research chemicals’) have become popular recreational drugs, but their pharmacology is poorly characterized.

Khat chewing delays gastric emptying of a semi‐solid meal

The leaves of Khat are chewed for their central stimulant effect, but their use may cause anorexia and constipation.

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  • Psychology, Biology
  • 1994
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (1994) 55, 707–711; doi:10.1038/clpt.1994.91

Comparison of Analgesic Effects of Khat (Catha edulis Forsk) Extract, D‐Amphetamine and Ibuprofen in Mice

Compared the analgesic properties of khat (Catha edulis Forsk) extract, amphetamine and ibuprofen in mice and analgesia was measured relative to water‐injected controls using the hot‐plate, the tail‐flick, and abdominal‐constriction tests.

Pharmacokinetics of cathinone, cathine and norephedrine after the chewing of khat leaves.

The pharmacokinetics of khat alkaloids in humans explain why chewing is the preferred form of k Hat ingestion and why Psychophysical functions were essentially unaffected by the chewing of k hat.

The Effect of Qat Chewing on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate in Healthy Volunteers

During a 3-h period of chewing fresh Qat leaves there was a significant and progressive rise in systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate, and levels had not returned to baseline 1h after chewing had ceased, suggesting possible cardiovascular morbidity associated with regular Qat chewing.

Khat use is a neglected addictive behaviour.

Keywords: Addictible; Africa; behaviors; dependence; khat; mental health; Middle East

Khat, a Cultural Chewing Drug: A Toxicokinetic and Toxicodynamic Summary

Current knowledge on the khat plant with toxicokinetic and toxicodynamic perspectives are reviewed, which addresses in vitro, in vivo, and human studies.

Khat: pharmacological and medical aspects and its social use in Yemen

The history, cultivation and constituents of k hat, and the social aspects of khat chewing in Yemen, are described and the pharmacology of (−)‐S‐cathinone in the central nervous system and the peripheral effects are described.