Pharmaceutical services in a veterinary hospital and clinic.


The pharmaceutical services offered by hospital pharmacists to a veterinary hospital and clinic are described. At Washington State University, the Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine and Surgery of the College of Veterinary Medicine approached the College of Pharmacy to evaluate the pharmaceutical services in terms of lost charges and to provide recommendations for needed changes. The records of 18 cases were surveyed, and an inventory was taken in two wards to determine outdated drug products, products without expiration dates, and product duplication. The survey and inventory revealed inefficiencies and waste in the billing and distribution systems. The findings indicated the feasibility and potential cost-effectiveness of employing hospital pharmacists to manage the drug distribution system. A combined floor stock and individual prescription order system was implemented under the direction of a pharmacist faculty member jointly appointed by the two colleges. The distribution system has been in successful operation for two years, and the relationship between the two colleges has prompted the development of shared academic positions and joint clinical research.

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