Phantom size in brachytherapy source dosimetric studies.

  title={Phantom size in brachytherapy source dosimetric studies.},
  author={Jos{\'e} P{\'e}rez-Calatayud and Domingo Granero and Facundo Ballester},
  journal={Medical physics},
  volume={31 7},
An important point to consider in a brachytherapy dosimetry study is the phantom size involved in calculations or experimental measurements. As pointed out by Williamson [Med. Phys. 18, 776-786 (1991)] this topic has a relevant influence on final dosimetric results. Presently, one-dimensional (1-D) algorithms and newly-developed 3-D correction algorithms are based on physics data that are obtained under full scatter conditions, i.e., assumed infinite phantom size. One can then assume that… CONTINUE READING

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