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Phantasmagoria: Spirit Visions, Metaphors, and Media into the Twenty-first Century

  title={Phantasmagoria: Spirit Visions, Metaphors, and Media into the Twenty-first Century},
  author={Marina Warner},
Phantasmagoria explores ideas of spirit and soul since the Enlightenment; it traces metaphors that have traditionally conveyed the presence of immaterial forces, and reveals how such pagan and Christian imagery about ethereal beings are embedded in a logic of the imagination, clothing spirits in the languages of air, clouds, light and shadow, glass, and ether itself. Moving from Wax to Film, the book also discusses key questions of imagination and cognition, and probes the perceived… 

Visions in Verse: Writing the Visual in Romantic Dream Visions

In Immanuel Kant's Anthropology the criterion for distinguishing dreams from reality is rational communication (Schlutz 113). Quoting Heraclitus's dictum, "when we are awake we have a world in

The Ghost is the Machine: Media-Philosophy and Materialism

In A Midsummer Night’s Dream Shakespeare asks us to think about how the ‘imagination bodies forth / The forms of things unknown’ (V. i. 14–15). This line, in a play replete with fairies, asks us to

Naturalizing Apocalypse: Last Men and Other Animals

Expectations of a dystopian or apocalyptic future are central to twentieth and twenty-first century culture, and constitute a pervasive influence on popular culture, religious identity, and political

Restless Dreams and Shattered Memories: Psychoanalysis and Silent Hill

This paper applies psychoanalytic frameworks to the survival horror franchise Silent Hill, a series which is itself informed by psychoanalytic themes. Concerns include the construction of game space

Talking with the dead: Spirit mediumship, affect and embodiment in Stoke‐on‐Trent

While Spiritualism has attracted much attention in other disciplines, geographers have largely ignored it. However, we agree with Holloway (2006 Enchanted spaces: the seance, affect, and geographies

Beyond Metaphorical Spectrality: For New Paranormal Geographies

This paper discusses the progress and potential of spectral geographical research. It evaluates the usefulness of figurative spectrality in work on performance, (non) representation, visual imagery,


Blanche Warre Cornish's 1921–22 tripartite memoir, “Memories of Tennyson,” begins in 1869 when she meets the poet by way of her parents’ friendship with Tennyson's neighbor, the photographer Julia

Telepathy and the Visual in the Late Novels of Henry James

This thesis addresses the tripartite relationship between telepathy, the visual and in the psychologically complex late novels of Henry James, with particular focus on The Wings of the Dove (1902),

"Strange Imagination": Valentine Greatrakes's Healing Aura and the Autobiographical Impulse

Abstract:The controversial Irish Protestant healer Valentine Greatrakes's 1666 autobiography is an under-appreciated text in the history of anglophone life writing, one that invites us to rethink the

Introduction: Theatre and Spectrality

Ghosts are hard to escape in modern and contemporary culture: in film and television dramas, novels, poetry, fine art and installation — and, particularly, we argue in this book, in theatre. Much has