Phallus or Penis: Commentary on Cornelia St. John's Paper

  title={Phallus or Penis: Commentary on Cornelia St. John's Paper},
  author={Mardy S. Ireland},
  journal={Studies in Gender and Sexuality},
  pages={459 - 472}
  • M. S. Ireland
  • Published 15 October 2004
  • Psychology
  • Studies in Gender and Sexuality
The Lacanian concept of the masculine and feminine as symbolic positions, which may or may not correspond to anatomy, is clinically useful in the case of Mr. M. This discussion suggests that these concerns can be addressed by the feminist Lacanian theorists (Ragland, 1995), who discuss language within the landscape of primary repression as well as secondary repression. The analyst here illustrates the insufficiency of listening or speaking from only a preoedipal/maternal or an oedipal/paternal… 
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