Phage-inducible islands in the Gram-positive cocci

  title={Phage-inducible islands in the Gram-positive cocci},
  author={Roser Mart{\'i}nez-Rubio and Nuria Quiles-Puchalt and Miguel Mart{\'i} and Suzanne Humphrey and Geeta Ram and Davida S. Smyth and John Xi Chen and Richard P. Novick and Jos{\'e} R Penad{\'e}s},
  booktitle={The ISME Journal},
The SaPIs are a cohesive subfamily of extremely common phage-inducible chromosomal islands (PICIs) that reside quiescently at specific att sites in the staphylococcal chromosome and are induced by helper phages to excise and replicate. They are usually packaged in small capsids composed of phage virion proteins, giving rise to very high transfer frequencies… CONTINUE READING

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