Phaeochromocytoma presenting with cardiogenic shock and acute renal failure.


A patient with a 12 hour history of headache, breathlessness and hypotension developed acute renal failure necessitating haemodialysis for 12 days. During recovery she developed hypertension, tachycardia and facial flushing. Investigations revealed a right adrenal phaeochromocytoma. Whilst postural hypotension is common in phaeochromocytoma, profound shock with acute renal failure is rare. This may have been precipitated by concomitant drug therapy, myocardial necrosis or by necrosis within the tumour.


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@article{Raman1987PhaeochromocytomaPW, title={Phaeochromocytoma presenting with cardiogenic shock and acute renal failure.}, author={G. Venkat Raman}, journal={Journal of human hypertension}, year={1987}, volume={1 3}, pages={237-8} }