author={李幼升 and F. G. J. Hayhoe},
The following is a fundamental reading list for doctoral candidates to use as a guide in preparing for their comprehensive examination in the field of Modernism. A student is expected to have read widely in the field; to be thoroughly familiar with the major writers; and to read widely in the journal literature. The following reading list is suggestive rather than definitive, a list for the student and Committee on Studies to begin with. The list has four sections: • Poetry • Drama • Fiction… Expand
Does Using an Internet Based Program for Improving Student Performance in Grammar and Punctuation Really Work in a College Composition Course
English teachers at both secondary and postsecondary levels have long labored to teach students not only to compose organized, logical, and interesting essays, but also to speak and write inExpand
Peer Instruction: Ten years of experience and results
We report data from ten years of teaching with Peer Instruction (PI) in the calculus- and algebra-based introductory physics courses for nonmajors; our results indicate increased student mastery ofExpand
Effectiveness of Conference Feedback on College Students’ Composition in the English as a Second Language (ESL) Context
This article examines the negotiation teacher-student feedback conferences in a college writing course. The conferences were held in groups with one teacher and six participants who agreed to takeExpand
Has past passed? : Textbooks and Educational Media for the 21st Century
This study presents a comparison between how a teacher and her students talked about texts in civics during a regular lesson, and during two lessons where structured text talks in smaller groups wereExpand
The Ph.D.-candidate as an information literate resource: developing research support and information literacy skills in an informal setting
This article aims at suggesting a new way of developing research support for PhD-candidates. Previous research on the field of research support greatly focuses on the librarians’ competencies and howExpand
A Review of the Literature on Second Language Learning.
This literature and research review was conducted to provide information to guide future work on language learning in Alberta and reflects the writers' perspectives on topics and subjects reviewed and does not necessarily reflect the position of Alberta Education. Expand
An assessment of university instructors and their pre -service teachers' knowledge of basic language constructs before and after university instructor professional development
An Assessment of University Instructors and Their Pre-Service Teachers’ Knowledge of Basic Language Constructs Before and After University Instructor Professional Development. (May 2008) EmilyExpand
Effects of Linear Texts in Page Scrolling and Page-by-Page Reading Forms on Reading Comprehension Introduction
Results showed that there is no significant difference between the comprehension scores of students who followed the page scrolling method and those who followed page-by-page reading method. Expand
Developing An Understanding Of Instructors’ Design Learning Philosophies In A Service Learning Context
William Oakes, Purdue University WILLIAM C. OAKES is an Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Education at Purdue University and the Interim-Director of the EPICS Program. He is aExpand
Third Misconceptions Seminar Proceedings (1993)
The purpose of this paper is to communicate some of the findings from our investigations of elementary school students and their teachers as they worked with microcomputer based labs (MBLs). ThisExpand


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Muscle dystrophy is triggered by type IV collagen alleles affecting integrin binding sites directly or indirectly in Drosophila
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