author={李幼升 and F. G. J. Hayhoe},
The following is a fundamental reading list for doctoral candidates to use as a guide in preparing for their comprehensive examination in the field of Modernism. A student is expected to have read widely in the field; to be thoroughly familiar with the major writers; and to read widely in the journal literature. The following reading list is suggestive rather than definitive, a list for the student and Committee on Studies to begin with. The list has four sections: • Poetry • Drama • Fiction… 

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Mapping the Complex Journey of Swimming Pool Contaminants: A Multi-Method Systems Approach

This paper focuses on developing a multi-method approach for identifying and understanding interdependencies between TiO2 particles and an aquatic environment such as a swimming pool, using a systems approach by integrating cross-matrix multiplication (MICMAC) and Systems Thinking techniques.

pH Measurement of Cement-Based Materials: The Effect of Particle Size

Healthy reinforced concrete should be highly alkaline to safeguard the passive protective film for reinforcement of steel bars against corrosion. pH measurement is gaining importance in research of

Controls on planktonic foraminifera apparent calcification depths for the northern equatorial Indian Ocean

It is surmised that food source plays a key role in the relative living depths for the majority of the investigated planktonic foraminifera within this oligotrophic environment of the Maldives and elsewhere in the tropical oceans.

Changes in Soil Organic Carbon Concentration and Stock after Forest Regeneration of Agricultural Fields in Taiwan

Afforestation or abandonment of agricultural fields to forest regeneration is a method of sequestering carbon to offset the increasing atmospheric concentration of CO2. We selected 11 sites with



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The Pink Guitar

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Muscle dystrophy is triggered by type IV collagen alleles affecting integrin binding sites directly or indirectly in Drosophila

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