Pfortran: a parallel dialect of Fortran

  title={Pfortran: a parallel dialect of Fortran},
  author={Babak Bagheri and Terry W. Clark and L. R. Scott},
  journal={ACM Sigplan Fortran Forum},
  • Babak Bagheri, Terry W. Clark, L. R. Scott
  • Published in FORF 1992
  • Computer Science
  • ACM Sigplan Fortran Forum
  • IPfortran is a language designed to facilitate the programming of multi-process, data-parallel applications [BCS91]. Based on a message-passing paradigm, IPfortran extends Fortran with a small set of extensions. The duality of the send and receive operations is encapsulated in an infix operator (Section 2) or reducing functions (Section 3). With system-dependent message-passing pushed out of sight, code is streamlined and development time reduced. Errors in writing message-passing code are… CONTINUE READING


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