Petrology of Mt. Nyiragongo: a review

  title={Petrology of Mt. Nyiragongo: a review},
  author={Th. G. Sahama},
  journal={Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society},
  pages={1 - 28}
  • T. G. Sahama
  • Published 1962
  • Geology
  • Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society
This paper gives a review of the work dealing with the petrology and petrogenesis of the active volcano Mt. Nyiragongo in the eastern part of Congo. The volcano has been drilled through an essentially granitic Pre-Cambrian substratum. The rocks represent melilitite (bergalite) tuffs and lavas overlain by leucitites and, on top of the mountain, by nephelinites. The volcano is the only one known so far in which extrusive and effusive bergalitic materials play an important role. The various rock… Expand

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