Petroleum hydrocarbon residues in the marine environment of Bassein-Mumbai.

  title={Petroleum hydrocarbon residues in the marine environment of Bassein-Mumbai.},
  author={Mithlesh Kumar Chouksey and Arun N. Kadam and M. D. Zingde},
  journal={Marine pollution bulletin},
  volume={49 7-8},
The paper reports PHc contamination in water, sediment and biota of the coastal area of Bassein-Mumbai in relation to relatively less polluted sites (Dabhol and Ratnagiri) off the west coast of India. To facilitate inter-comparison three standards have been used though the results are reported in terms of SAM (Residue of Saudi Arabian Mix crude). The concentration of PHc in water off Bassein-Mumbai varies widely (2.9-39.2 microg l(-1)) as compared to the average baseline (2.8 microg l(-1)) with… CONTINUE READING
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