Petri net verification techniques on Synchronous Dataflow models

  title={Petri net verification techniques on Synchronous Dataflow models},
  author={Jos{\'e}-In{\'a}cio Rocha and Lu{\'i}s Gomes and Oct{\'a}vio P{\'a}scoa Dias},
  journal={IECON 2011 - 37th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society},
Dataflow process networks lead to different theoretical model approaches and have demonstrated their adequacy in data-dominated intensive systems, namely Synchronous Dataflow. The paper presents a set of translating mechanisms allowing the mapping from dataflow models (Synchrounous Dataflows) into Petri nets. Study on invariants focused on misbehaving dataflow, in which there is no static scheduling are delved to find out more hidden embedded features not normally addressed in dataflow analysis… CONTINUE READING