Peter Comestor, Biblical Paraphrase, and the Medieval Popular Bible

  title={Peter Comestor, Biblical Paraphrase, and the Medieval Popular Bible},
  author={James H. Morey},
  pages={6 - 35}
The Bible in the Middle Ages, much like the Bible today, consisted for the laity not of a set of texts within a canon but of those stories which, partly because of their liturgical significance and partly because of their picturesque and memorable qualities, formed a provisional "Bible" in the popular imagination. Even relatively devout and educated moderns may be surprised by what is, and what is not, biblical. The medieval popular Bible took shape within an encyclopedic tradition largely… 
The Hebrew Bible
The medieval period, considered here broadly to lie between the compilation of the Babylonian Talmud c . 600 ce and the end of the fifteenth century, is crucial for the history of the Hebrew Bible.
The Middle English Iacob and Iosep and the Medieval Popular Bible
ABSTRACT The neglected thirteenth-century English poem on the subject of Jacob and Joseph is striking for the addition, within the brief (and fragmentary) but lively narrative, of material that is
The Bible Abbreviated: Summaries in Early Modern English Bibles
Abstract Early modern English Bibles are among the most significant texts in western Christianity. They contained the translation of the Bible into English and its authorisation, they facilitated the
Measuring the Measuring Rod: Bible and Parabiblical Texts within the History of Medieval Literature
In spite of the acknowledged crucial role it had in forming medieval written culture, the Bible and a wide-range of parabiblical texts still remain largely ignored by histories of medieval
The Latin Bible, c . 900 to the Council of Trent, 1546
Modern scholars know a good deal more about the state of the Vulgate Bible text before and during the Carolingian renaissance than in the five centuries after 900. In an essay published in 1984,
The Anglo-Norman Bible Stories in Ms Brit. Libr. Harley 2253
The Anglo-Norman Bible Stories, contained in Ms Brit. Libr. Harley 2253, an Old Testament narrative including Genesis, Exodus and Numbers, is of interest to the study of Old French bible adaptations,
The Bible in medieval universities
The emergence of universities in the thirteenth century had a significant impact on the study of the Bible. Preparatory changes had already taken place in the twelfth century at cathedral schools,
Les enfants de Lamech dans la Bible anonyme (BNF fr. 763)
The thirteenth century Bible anonyme contains a story about the children of Lamech which, as far as I could ascertain, is unique amongst Old French bible texts. The story not only differs from that
Twelfth Century Literal Bible Commentaries: Comparing Jewish and Christian
In the twelfth century, both Jewish and Christian Bible commentators began to emphasize literal, or historical, or contextual, approaches to interpreting scripture. These commentators wrote
The Gawain-poet and the textual environment of fourteenth-century English anticlericalism
The Gawain-Poet and the Textual Environment of Fourteenth-Century English Anticlericalism by Ethan Campbell Adviser: Prof. Steven Kruger The 14th-century Middle English poems Cleanness and Patience,


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