Pet dogs set to test anti-ageing drug

  title={Pet dogs set to test anti-ageing drug},
  author={Erika Check Hayden},
  • E. Hayden
  • Published 30 October 2014
  • Medicine
  • Nature
Analyses prospectives de mortalité : approches actuarielle et biomédicale
La duree de vie humaine augmente dans le monde depuis quelques siecles. Cette augmentation a ete plus importante que ne le predisaient les specialistes qui ont enonce des limites. Malgre les
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New emerging molecules, drugs, and procedures will be described, by evidencing potential benefits and limitations of antiageing interventions in humans and resulting in benefits for their health in old ages.
m-TOR Inhibitors in the Current Practice
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Experimental Transmission of Alzheimer's Disease Endophenotypes to Murine and Primate Models
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Key challenges moving forward will be to assess the extent to which these and other interventions improve healthy longevity and increase life span in mice and to develop practical strategies for extending this work to the clinic.
Rapamycin: An InhibiTOR of Aging Emerges From the Soil of Easter Island.
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